December 31, 2013


drei beiden
alle jahre wieder
wer hat wen gek├╝sst?

(inspired by einer wahren geschichte. guten rutsch, euch allen!)

December 21, 2013

street photography of 2001

in the early 2000s I asked people on the street for a project to take a picture of them wearing springerstiefel. just came across these pictures and the first thing I realized was how different berlin looks today.
(besides - unlike back then - I really like the series now, especially #1 and #4.)

December 15, 2013

all of a sudden

the end of 2013 is so close. only one more week of work, then christmas and good bye.

weekends turned pretty valuable again. all the time I wish the days had more then 24 hours or at least I needed less sleep. on weekdays I leave the house by twenty past seven to return eleven hours later. but it´s all right (most of the time).

and so the famous issue called "compatibility of family and work" turns out to be just a big time rivalry. just, well... lifetime task though.