March 30, 2013

kino international

...from when I still spent time in cinemas. ha.
this song idea, from when I still only dreamt of something for a lifetime...
and speaking of wonders: tristan turns 4 today! hooray! (really hope to see you again soon.)

March 28, 2013

our weekly veggie box

I love, love, love, love, love it and warmly recommend it to anyone, who has the possibility to get one as well!
(fyi: ours is from biohof blattwerk)

March 22, 2013

it´s friday

which means we receive our weekly veggie box. yay!

(p.s. still no scanner, so I´m gonna show you some instagram-pictures...)

March 12, 2013

my leaving is no glory

express-blogging while someone little is sleeping; february was the first month without a single blogpost since I started this blog, whooha; I lend out my scanner, so here are some pictures from last fall; cross your fingers for a job I hope to get.