September 29, 2013


(you bet I love how they made CRETIDO out of "Creative Tischdekorationen". it´s just perfectly absurd. and I really wonder, whether they pronounced "creative" english or german...)

September 24, 2013

happy birthday, lundtblog!

five years ago I started this blog. on 22nd september 2008 I posted "who the lundt is fuck?".
so many things have changed or came across my eyes since then: I...
moved back to berlin;
started a new work and ended it;
returned to analog photography;
travelled through poland, ukraine & russia by train;
moved within berlin;
lost some near relatives;
enjoyed the end of autumn (2010) and the end of summer (2011) in italy;
started postgraduate studies (which will be finished in a few weeks);
experienced zimbabwe;
gave a few and rare concerts.

I fell in love.
I became a mother.

Besides, some things still remain the same: I love to laugh alone and the autumn woods.

I regularly think about ending lundtblog, because time is so rare and so on, but... actually this seems to be the place in the worlds biggest internet where I feel mostly at home.

so thank you for following!

September 12, 2013


(in mehrfacher hinsicht.)