January 30, 2011

coffee mug

coffee seems to mean something to me (and also to otis redding (cigarettes and coffee), ella fitzgerald (black coffee), blur (coffee and tv), johnny cash (cup of coffee) and - again, of course - the descendents (coffee mug)). sometimes I think I couldn´t get out of bed in the morning without a coffee with milk in sight...

January 28, 2011

they say hey act your age

but what does it mean?

(<3 the descendents (including this)!)

January 18, 2011

I´ll try anything once

it somehow reminds me of menzel´s balkonzimmer, even if it really does not look alike. 
(btw: one of my favourite pictures of menzel is mondschein über der friedrichsgracht im alten berlin, shown at the alte nationalgalerie in berlin. it´s small and dark and I bet most of the visitors do not realize it at all...but they should.)

January 14, 2011

ahoj žižkov

praha, silvestr 2010/2011

January 12, 2011

birthdays are for pandas

today I found myself dancing to this song on the plattform of westkreuz (tss...)

January 11, 2011

frohes neues, auf uns!


dear readers,

it´s my birthday today and therefore I´ve got a little gift for you. it´s the download-version of the concert I played together with the melody mermen at sowieso in berlin-neukölln.
I hope, you´ll enjoy it. 

January 06, 2011

lundt liebt dich


wunder erleben
(im grabe sind
die sterne nicht zu

inspired by franz kafka
(this wall in the franz kafka café in prague to be exact)