February 27, 2012

words won´t get me through it

pictures from the neighbourhood.
saw this very, very, very often on my beloved rockpalast-bizarre-festival-VHS-cassette in the 90s. wow, that makes me feel quite old. but actually in a good way.

February 23, 2012


you turn my legs into spaghetti: thirteen thirtyfive

February 11, 2012

scan fun

this is berlin-mitte.
(I got a great birthday present this year, which is a dia film scanner for negative films and slides. it means not only that I´m able to scan my new and old analog pictures like the above, but also that there is a chance your are going to be spammed with a huge amount of photos from kyrgyzstan in 2005/2006 soon. looking forward to? me, too.) 

February 06, 2012