April 23, 2013

Or lack thereof.

berlin in retrospect again.
offtopic: I like this project and could say nearly the same things about book(shelve)s;
and crappy ceramic sculptures.

April 20, 2013

berliner dom 2002

still again berlin; yet everything so much seems to have changed, developed, grown (up). back then I felt vulnerable and unsecure, but also confident and sometimes even cool. I was so aware of the fact that I was living in berlin... and I still can´t reconstruct the reasons why the possibility of studying at the humboldt university felt like an undeserved privilege which I was ashamed of and with which I struggled for quite a long time.
I got one really sad memory connected with the neptunbrunnen, that you can see on the last picture (the fountain, not the memory)... well.

April 18, 2013


dusche, du
ichschst; wir ihrschen,
ihr wirscht und sie

April 17, 2013

we were young

we still are. that´s what is interesting about it.

April 16, 2013

13 years ago

another country, another time. bali in 2000 on our way to new zealand.

April 12, 2013

private life is private life is

guess what? I finally found took the time to scan some a lot of old slides. I plan to show you pictures I took in new zealand and bali in 2000, a few from berlin in 2002 and more from (as I already and swankily announced 15 months ago, oops) kyrgyzstan in 2005 and 2006. so let´s see how far this announcement will lead us this time.

April 06, 2013


beschiedenen absage
eine entschiedene absage
erteilen (bescheidener selbstschutz; scheidender