December 31, 2013


drei beiden
alle jahre wieder
wer hat wen geküsst?

(inspired by einer wahren geschichte. guten rutsch, euch allen!)

December 21, 2013

street photography of 2001

in the early 2000s I asked people on the street for a project to take a picture of them wearing springerstiefel. just came across these pictures and the first thing I realized was how different berlin looks today.
(besides - unlike back then - I really like the series now, especially #1 and #4.)

December 15, 2013

all of a sudden

the end of 2013 is so close. only one more week of work, then christmas and good bye.

weekends turned pretty valuable again. all the time I wish the days had more then 24 hours or at least I needed less sleep. on weekdays I leave the house by twenty past seven to return eleven hours later. but it´s all right (most of the time).

and so the famous issue called "compatibility of family and work" turns out to be just a big time rivalry. just, well... lifetime task though.

October 20, 2013

sunday morning

and awake alone. how the hell could that happen?

old pictures, new life.

October 10, 2013

is it raining in your mouth?

it rained all day long and I was lucky enough to get a perfect example of demonstration of power today. urgh, what an ugly situation. urgh, how I wish I had felt stronger. urgh, urgh.

too tired to prepare myself for tomorrows last oral exam. looking at barefoot pictures instead.

September 29, 2013


(you bet I love how they made CRETIDO out of "Creative Tischdekorationen". it´s just perfectly absurd. and I really wonder, whether they pronounced "creative" english or german...)

September 24, 2013

happy birthday, lundtblog!

five years ago I started this blog. on 22nd september 2008 I posted "who the lundt is fuck?".
so many things have changed or came across my eyes since then: I...
moved back to berlin;
started a new work and ended it;
returned to analog photography;
travelled through poland, ukraine & russia by train;
moved within berlin;
lost some near relatives;
enjoyed the end of autumn (2010) and the end of summer (2011) in italy;
started postgraduate studies (which will be finished in a few weeks);
experienced zimbabwe;
gave a few and rare concerts.

I fell in love.
I became a mother.

Besides, some things still remain the same: I love to laugh alone and the autumn woods.

I regularly think about ending lundtblog, because time is so rare and so on, but... actually this seems to be the place in the worlds biggest internet where I feel mostly at home.

so thank you for following!

September 12, 2013


(in mehrfacher hinsicht.)

August 22, 2013

being observed

...depends on by whom, right?
I wonder, if this will be the no.1 question of our generation; weather we accept to live in a surveillance society or not.

(not so very off-topic as they want to watch, to watch each other: love this live version of dance anthem of the 80s. she. is. so. sweet.)

August 18, 2013

the day after II

6 weeks and 120 pages later...
 summer is still here, and so is happiness.

(no more crappy phone pictures, ok.)

August 01, 2013

on hair

what kind of society do we live in, that tells you that hair ist beautiful at a certain part of your body and it is ugly at another part of your body? isn´t that just obviously stupid?

July 31, 2013

my own private arbeitstag

spending my days at the library. two more weeks to come. status quo: page 71 \o/.

(having someone (no, sometwo) visiting you on your lunchbreak every day and you can ride home to is just one of the best experiences I´ve ever made. and having the opportunity to spent hours and hours just thinking and writing never felt so good, I guess.
I always thought there must be a connection between the awareness of the quality of your work and the evaluation of your working time. but at the moment, it is just the joy of DOING it - irrespecitve of the results.)

as I had been successfull with auto-suggestion the last time I decided to spent my money for the original watch by hannafaktur this time. what a good decision!

July 14, 2013

no woman, no heaviness

it´s been 1,5 years, but here we go. lundt proudly presents: MUSIC!

June 26, 2013


btw, kiosk is etymologically related with my surname.

June 01, 2013

and so it is june

it will be called the year of the strange weather.
note to self: the thesis won´t be written by itself.

May 30, 2013

I'm weaker than a man should be

I bought a second hand t-shirt the other day. on front of it you can read "sugar pie honey bunch". it somehow sounded familiar, but I just wasn´t sure weather it meant something specific or not.
then I found this! great! video!
you bet I am a proud t-shirt owner by now.

(I´d love to do this performance by my own one day. if you want to join or see me dance like the four tops, let me know - I come a-running to you!)

May 02, 2013

architecture love pt. 4

yesterday we´ve been to the baudenkmal bundesschule bernau north of berlin. really impressive, really liked the structures, materials and ideas behind the ensemble.

April 23, 2013

Or lack thereof.

berlin in retrospect again.
offtopic: I like this project and could say nearly the same things about book(shelve)s;
and crappy ceramic sculptures.